About The Gym
Joe's Mobile Gym is a custom built, fully functional, fitness facility on wheels. We spent months designing and countless hours discussing details  with manufacturers to ensure that we were building the safest, strongest, and most spacious environment possible.
We knew that a one of a kind business, with unique customers required a distinct  facility that could handle many different demands.
Fitness is not a one size fits all business. many of the gym chains and franchises out there today design the same workout for everyone regardless of their individual goals and needs. That's why Joe's Mobile Gym has everything needed to provide a state of the art workout to anyone regardless of their fitness level. from Novice to elite athlete, we have you covered. Couple that with 20 years of experience in the industry and what you have is a gym that you can feel confident will help you achieve your goals.

We have talked to many people that have had trainers come to their house before, and while they enjoyed the convenience, they didnt like the idea of having to clean the house every night before the trainer showed up. also, by the time the trainer unloaded their equiptment and hauled it inside, half of their workout time was already wasted. Not the case with Joe's mobile gym. we show up and in just a short few minutes we are set up and exercising.
Another reason we started this business is that we understand that not everyone feels comfortable walking into a gym in the first place. Many people feel like they need to already be at a certain fitness level to even be able to join a gym. It can be an intimidating environment for someone who has never worked out before. That is never a concern in Joe's Mobile Gym. You can train without feeling self concious, knowing that you are getting the best possible workout and no one is judging you.

Our first priority when designing the gym was making sure
it was well equipped our second, was making sure that it was convenient. Fitness is an important component to living a long healthy life and most people wish they had more time to pursue their fitness goals, however, in today's busy hectic world that can sometimes seem impossible. That's why we started this business. sometimes those who are too busy to get to the gym for a workout are the same ones who need it the most. Joe's Mobile Gym can go almost anywhere you are to give you the same quality workout you would get in an expensive corporate gym. However, unlike those other gyms, joe's mobile gym does not charge a membership fee or an enrollment fee or any other fee besides the cost of your training. when you hire us we show up right outside your house, or in the parking lot at work or even at the park down the street, whatever is most convenient for you. if we have room to park then you have room to work you out.

We also understand, that in todays economy money is tight. most people think a service like this is beyond their budget. However, Since the gym and membership fees are not applied and all you are paying for is the training, then your monthly costs are greatly reduced. In Fact, The cost of training alone in some of the larger fitness chains is much more costly than it is with Joe's Mobile Gym. Our overhead is less and we are more than happy to pass those savings on to you. we also offer a variety of partner and group training packages so you can split the cost between you and a friend or between you and a bunch of friends.

To find out more about the gym or to get information on pricing
Call: 480-233-3583 or Email: Joe@Joesmobilegym.com