Client Testimonials

IFBB Pro Derek Lemm:

"I have always been into fitness. From outdoor sports to lifting weights in the gym. I had a very good sense of form and hard work. It had always been my dream to compete in a bodybuilding contest. The commitment and dedication it takes to get there always drew my attention. But I knew I needed some extra help. I was introduced to Joe Ament and was very excited to meet him because of his amazing reputation.

His approach was not what I expected. He started by teaching me about how the mind and body work, before we went into any kind of training. He took his time to compose a program that was specific for me to reach my goals. There was a lot of work to be done but I wasn't afraid to go for it.

My first competition was Southwest Regional in Phoenix, AZ in November 2011.

It was a great day as I placed fourth in my class!

I did not waste any time and had continued my training with Joe for the next show. Shortly after, I moved to California but we continued with a new online Skype training, so I could get ready for the LA Championships in July. Having the ability to talk with Joe face to face, made me feel confident.

He had told me that good things come to those who wait and a great physique takes time. Within eight months I made some major improvements to my physique and was very excited to hit the stage.

This LA Championships show was the biggest in it's history - over 310 competitors and the competition was fierce.  I placed 11th in my class.

And although I didn’t make the top five, I couldn't be happier with the way I looked. Because of Joe I feel like I took the overall! I am in the best shape of my life and will continue to improve.

I look forward to the next few years of competition with Joe Ament by my side.

Thank you Joe for changing my life!"

Derek Lemm

(editor note: Since this post, Derick and I have continued to work together and in 2013 Derick took second place in his first ever NPC national event and won his IFBB pro card)

NPC Bikini Competitor Monika Petrova:

"I met Joe when I was working at Lifetime Fitness in Tempe, AZ, so I got to see firsthand how he trained and educated his clients.  So when I decided that I wanted to compete in a NPC competition, it was without a doubt that I contacted him.

What a lot of other trainers forget to include in their clients' training, Joe is an expert in: nutrition. Although I was very physically active person, my nutrition was severely lacking the calories my body needed. 

It was a tough couple of months to get myself to eat enough, so I could get some muscles growing. However, I was motivated to hit the stage at the Southwest Regional competition in November 2011 and was ready to do whatever it took.  Thanks to Joe's guidance and hard work on my end, I placed 3rd in my height class and 4th in the junior master’s class. I couldn't believe it! And I couldn't wait to start training again, for the next competition!

Since then I moved to California but didn't want to lose Joe as a trainer, so he offered to provide training and guidance through Skype - what would we do without technology?!

After six months of my first official off season, I started Skyping with Joe on weekly basis, so he could monitor my progress during the preparation weeks before the LA Championships in July.  I have to say, it was the toughest three months of my life - training was getting to me physically and mentally, sprained an ankle just as I had to increase my cardio sessions and frustration sat it. For a few weeks, I wanted to quit everyday but then I'll meet with Joe on Skype - he'd calm me down and make adjustments to my training/nutrition.  I felt great after every chat we had and was ready to get back to work at the gym!

The LA Championships this year had one of the largest turnout in it's history - over 310 competitors. It was a bit overwhelming but I felt ready to hit the stage. I placed 2nd in the junior masters and 11th in my height class - this was a big class of 21girls in top shape.  Yes I was a bit disappointed for my open class placing but was thrilled to part take in such a big event and walk away with trophy :)  All thanks to Joe's knowledge and expertise in fitness and nutrition.

Already have my sights set on a couple more competitions and the USAs in Las Vegas next year! Are you ready Joe? :)

Thank you so much for all help! Couldn't have done it without you!"
 Monika Petrova
(Editor Note: Monika recently won the Jr. Masters Division at the 2014 NPC LA Championships)

   Justin Hills (NPC Bodybuilder)


    "I had the good fortune of meeting Joe at the gym about 18 months ago. Joe Inspired me by his own considerable achievements in Bodybuilding to give it a try and set me on a path to changing my physique in a way that I did not believe was possible. Joe really knows how to use weights to sculpt and chisel out a new body and I am so very grateful for the guidance he has given me.  

    Working out with Joe has been literally a life changing experience for me as it has set me on the path for better health  - I feel younger, stronger and more invigorated than when I was in my early 30's (I turn 40 this year) and as a result I am much more confident overall. In 2010 I competed in 3 shows - the Natural Western Regional, AZ July Open and the Excalibur in LA.

    I am going to continue to train with Joe and he will be assisting me with my upcoming shows this year.

Joe brings a wealth of experience and is one of the best trainers out there because he has been there and done it himself so he knows what you are going through. Trust me Joe will push you hard but you will get the results you want if you follow his guidance.

Working out with Joe is investing in yourself."

Justin Hills


Rebecca Hasulak (Miss Scottsdale 2010)

“Joe is a miracle worker!  I have worked with him for years, each time prior to competing in a pageant, and have been repeatedly blown away by his expertise and the results I have received. 

There is always that one portion of pageant competitions that every girl dreads--swimsuit.  As if walking onstage under bright lights in a bikini and high heels isn't enough pressure, how the judges perceive each girl's body comprises a significant part of her overall score. 

Joe was able to transform my worries (and my body!) so I was able to embrace a newfound confidence.  Each time I set foot on stage in my swimsuit, I felt nothing but proud of the body I had worked hard to achieve. 

Joe is very comprehensive and tailors his training programs to mesh with each person's individual body type, nutrition requirements and physical limitations.  He targets every area of successful training, from exercise to nutrition to mindset and beyond. 

Joe also is very caring about his clients and treats each one like a friend, all while never failing to motivate and push people beyond what they ever dreamed possible. I passionately recommend Joe to anyone who is pursuing any type of a fitness goal.  I can confidently say there is no goal that Joe can not help you accomplish!  You will be forever grateful for his knowledge, the results you will receive and his kind heart. 

At this year's Miss Arizona Pageant 2010 (which is part of the Miss America Organization), I placed 1st runner-up and won the Preliminary Swimsuit Award.  I would never have gotten this far or achieved this much without the creative and fat-blasting workouts Joe challenged me with, as well as his guidance and friendship!  Thank you Joe, from the bottom of my heart!  :)  

With the deepest appreciation,

Rebecca Hasulak (Miss Scottsdale 2010)”